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Introducing Chris Turner Tennis Coach. Chris is a trainer and semi professional player with vast experience as both coach and competitor more

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About Kids Zones in Clubs

Something big is happening in British Tennis. Across the country, clubs large and small, traditional and modern are looking at themselves in a whole new way they're thinking 'small' to achieve 'big' results, and it's set to have impact on the future of tennis in the UK.

If you've previously heard about Kids Zone,you're probably already busy planning how to develop one at your club; if not, and if you want to be a part of this exciting new tennis revolution, read on…

Kids zones - What's It All About?
Every tennis club in Britain knows about the day-to-day pressures of promoting tennis, increasing membership numbers and competing with other local sports and leisure clubs, as well as the importance of keeping an eye on the future. Members are demanding better facilities an more opportunities to enjoy club life to the full, and if tennis clubs are going to survive they have to be progressive, positive and pro-active, and above all prepared to listen to what members really want.

The LTA recently set itself a mission to attract new young players to Tennis. We came up with Kids Zone!

A Kids Zone project is flexibility as it's finest. First and foremost its designed for young members. It doubles up as a fitness, training, or social area for other members. If youngsters are enticed into the tennis club environment parents will follow too. Lastly there's no fixed size for a Kids Zone - what space have you got available?

About Kids Zones

Why have a Kids Zone?

Example Uses of Kids Zones

Case Study - Creating a Kids Zone

Case Study - From Wasteland to Ace-land

Will to Win LTC Kids Zone

Lady Bay LTC Kids Zone

Allt-yr-yn LTC Kids Zone

Participating Schools

Participating schools..more


Mini Tennis
mini tennis is a wicked game coming to a court near you. Specially designed for kids it uses smaller rackets, smaller courts and special balls. Its fun energetic and easy to play - so why not join the thousands of kids around the country and get down to Play Tennis Spain to play Mini Tennis

Participatig Schools
See our participating schools more
Meet the Coaches
Chris Turner Professional tennis Coach more
Mini Tennis
is a wicked game coming
to a court near you... more
Tennis Musical
Tie Break is a Tennis musical by Chris Turner... more

Commonwealth Games Song
Chris composes official song of welcome for Manchester Commonwealth Games 2002 more

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