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Head Coach/Director

Introducing Chris Turner Tennis Coach. Chris is a trainer and semi professional player with vast experience as both coach and competitor more

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Fantastic weather both in and out of season please click the weather symbol for a live 5 day forcast..

'COACHES' ASSESSMENT' ... click here to play movie (Please note: Windows media player required) Monica is aged 7... Please assess Monica's technique, (i.e. : Groundstrokes; Volleys; Serve), ... whilst considering the 5 Fundamentals!


  Play Tennis Spain - Meet the Coach Chris Turner

The Coach
Chris Turner

Tennis Coaching Qualifications
* 1980 - 2010 TENNIS COACH UK (formerly British Tennis Coaching Association - BTCA) NATIONALMEMBER

(Updated every 3 years)
(10 million pounds THIRD LIABILITY INSURANCE Worldwide)

* 1998 Club Coach Award (Upgrade I.C.A. pending final stage Planning Project)
Instructors: Jane Poynder & Peter Brown

* 1982 Intermediate Coaches Award
Instructors: Peter warren

* 1980 Elementary Coaches Award
Instructors: Kevin Livesey

** 1980 - 2010 TENNIS COACH UK (formerly British Tennis Coaching Association - BTCA) NATIONAL MEMBER
(15 million Pounds Third Party Liability Insurance Worldwide)
* Lawn Tennis Association Registered Player
* Welsh Tennis Coaches Association
* National Coaching Foundation

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Tie Break

A new Tennis Musical by your Tennis Coach Christopher Turner..more


Mini Tennis
mini tennis is a wicked game coming to a court near you. Specially designed for kids it uses smaller rackets, smaller courts and special balls. Its fun energetic and easy to play - so why not join the thousands of kids around the country and get down to Play Tennis Spain to play Mini Tennis

Participatig Schools
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Meet the Coaches
Chris Turner Professional tennis Coach more
Mini Tennis
is a wicked game coming
to a court near you... more
Tennis Musical
Tie Break is a Tennis musical by Chris Turner... more

Commonwealth Games Song
Chris composes official song of welcome for Manchester Commonwealth Games 2002 more

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